Talents are the first resource and the human resource basis for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. At the same time, they are the molecular unit of society and the foundation of a harmonious society. Starting from safeguarding employees'rights and interests and improving employees' satisfaction with enterprises, Jiangsu Volkswagen has always adhered to the concept of people-oriented talents for many years, devoted itself to creating a harmonious working environment, providing good development opportunities for every employee, and striving to make the enterprise a stage for employees to show their talents, a platform for their career to take off, and happiness. Backstage of life, to create a harmonious enterprise.

We advocate team spirit, Jiangsu Volkswagen is willing to work with you to create the future!

Those who are interested in joining Jiangsu Volkswagen Water Services can send their resumes to Jiangsu Volkswagen Water Human Resources Department, e-mail:, and participate in our high-standard selection process. Our recruitment needs will be based on the needs of the Group's development.

Recruitment Conditions for Process Technology Supervisors in Sewage Treatment Plants

Ⅰ.the number of recruits: 2-3 people.

Ⅱ. the age of recruiters: around 35 years old.

Ⅲ. recruitment conditions:

1, College degree or above, major in environmental management.

2. More than five years experience in process and technical management of sewage treatment plants, with intermediate titles of environmental protection related majors preferred.

3. Familiar with environmental laws and regulations, and have experience in energy, drainage and waste management.

4. Love the environmental protection cause and be familiar with the process operation of the sewage treatment plant.

5. Good at technical training for employees of sewage treatment plants.

Ⅳ.position description:

1, responsible for management of process operation and safety supervision;

2. Proficiency in process operation guidance, safety management related reports and energy consumption statistics and analysis.

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