With the core values of "innovating mechanism and measures, mobilizing staff's wisdom and enthusiasm to the greatest extent, liberating and developing productivity, continuously improving economic and social benefits", the company implements the enterprise concept of "moistening Xuzhou and serving the public" in production, operation and management activities, and solemnly promises the society to save energy. Reducing emissions and meeting the emission standards will make a positive contribution to the bluer sky, greener land, clearer water, smoother roads and better city in Xuzhou.

The company takes the vision of "becoming bigger and stronger, serving the society, rewarding employees" as its development vision, insists on taking cost reduction and efficiency enhancement as its center, takes refined management as its carrier, and takes corporate culture as its soul. Based on Xuzhou and surrounding cities and counties, actively expand the Yangtze River Delta and other markets, while faithfully fulfilling their social responsibilities, strive to maximize profits and create value for shareholders and society. The company believes that the production and operation activities of enterprises will deeply affect stakeholders such as employees, society and the government. Companies should not only provide land-lost farmers and laid-off workers with re-employment opportunities, but also provide them with a stage to realize their own value; not only should they operate in good faith, but also build a harmonious win-win cooperative relationship with shareholders, banks, etc. They should not only pay taxes according to law, but also cooperate with the government to vigorously promote the development of public bad security facilities. 。

The company believes that: enterprises rely on social survival, society depends on enterprise development, enterprise development and social development are closely linked. The harmony of society and the safety of the public require the law-abiding management of enterprises and the selfless dedication of employees. The company insists on sharing social honor and disgrace, actively participates in the construction of ecological civilization in Xuzhou, and contributes all its strength to local environmental protection.

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