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Pizhou subsidiary

Pizhou subsidiary company is the backbone of environmental protection in this area. It is located in the North Bank of the Central Canal of Pizhou Canal Town and the West Bank of the lower reaches of the Liubao River. The first phase of the project deals with 20,000 tons of sewage per day. Its service scope covers the old urban area in the southeastern part of Pizhou City, serving 80,000 people. The project is an important part of the pollution control project of the national South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and also a key project of the Pizhou Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government in 2002. With the construction officially started on May 18, 2002, the commissioning and operation of water intake began in April 2003. In May 2005, the company obtained the 30-year franchise of the project by TOT. After taking over the operation, the company passed the special acceptance of environmental protection in December 2006. The stable operation of the project has fundamentally solved the pollution problem of the old urban area in the southeastern part of Pizhou City, and improved the living and investment environment of Pizhou City. In order to further improve the total amount of pollutants discharged from standard rivers by Pizhou subsidiary, the company carried out the upgrading of the project in September 2013 and completed it at the end of the year, effectively improving the quality of effluent water and ensuring the completion of the government's total emission reduction task. In October 2015, the company implemented the second expansion project of the project, which was completed and put into operation in May 2016. The total treatment scale reached 40,000 tons per day, further improving the energy saving and emission reduction capacity, and improving the living environment of Pizhou City. It has been awarded the title of "Model Enterprise" of Harmonious Labor Relations by the General Trade Union of Pizhou City, the Development and Reform Commission and the Social Security Bureau successively; the title of "Advanced Unit" of Environmental Protection during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period by the Pizhou Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government; the title of "Excellent Enterprise of Operating Pipeline" by the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department of Jiangsu Province; and the title of "Excellent Enterprise of Operating Pipeline" by Mingde Middle School Established as a base for moral education.

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